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Bojack Horseman first emerged on Netflix in 2014 and, five seasons later, it has built up an incredible cult following. Essentially a tale about an alcoholic horse, who is a former 90’s TV star, the show is surprisingly touching, full of depth and insight, and, often times entirely heart wrenching in its existential realness. Seriously, a show about an alcoholic horse is the realest thing out there at the moment. Its no holes barred style, and unapologetic rawness, is something that has seriously touched a nerve in today’s overly saccharine society. Here we present you with some examples of that rawness, and if you aren’t already a fan of the show, these might give you a taste of exactly what you’re missing.


The Realness Of The Opening Credits


When Cuddly Whiskers Explained What It Meant To Be Responsible For Your Own Happiness


When Princess Carolyn Gave Herself A Motivational Speech


When Bojack Reflected On Being An Only Child


When All Bojack Wanted To Know Was That He Was Still A Good Person


When Bojack Remembered The Traumatising Reason His Mother Was Often So Cruel To Him


When Holly Hock Needs To Know If Her Feelings Of Not Being Good Enough Would Ever Go Away


This Crippling Break Up


When Bojack Took Sarah Lynn To The Planetarium


When Todd Comes Out As Asexual


When Todd Lays Down The Truth For Bojack, That He Just Needs To Be A Better Person


Every Single Moment Of Bojack’s Mom’s Funeral Episode


When Bojack’s Mom Levels Him With This Devastating Blow


When Bojack Indulged In Some Serious Self Deprication


When Mr. Peanutbutter And Diane Began Realising Their Relationship Issues


When Bojack Made This Stark Realisation About Himself


The Time When Bojack Helped Diane Get Through A Depressive Episode


When Diane Had To Be At A Party With Mr. Peanutbutter And His New Girlfriend


The Realisation That It Will Get Easier

The Poignant Lyrics Of The End Theme Song


So, if you want to watch a subversive and emotionally intelligent cartoon show, Bojack Horseman is the one for you. It is one of the most intelligent shows out there at the moment, and will really punch you right in the feels more times than once each episode. You will also find yourself entirely relating to at least one, maybe more of the characters in a really big way. We personally can entirely get on board with Diane and everything and how she moves through the world.